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In 1979 my friend Betty J. Hagerman wrote "A Meeting of the Sunbonnet Children" which traced the history and variations of the design and its development into quilt patterns. She suddenly died in 1986 and I acquired the residual of her book and her Sunbonnet file collection. 


In 1989 I made a sampler "Our Favorite Sunbonnet Children," using the 24 patterns in "A Meeting of the Sunbonnet Children" and 38 more from her files. 

"Historic Kansas Quilt Patterns." I made this quilt in 1996 using patterns from many historic sources. 


UPDATE: As is noted on the home page, Helen M. Ericson passed in 2016. If you need more information on any product contact the Webmaster from the link on the home page, he will attempt to help you.